Our Policies

Piratpartiet Logotype 2

The Swedish Pirate Party is a positive party for the future. We think that people who have access to free communication, culture and knowledge grow, feel better and together create a better and more humane society to live in.

We want to create a society of integrity – We want you to have the opportunity to review the politicians, but the government must respect your privacy and not surveil you constantly. We want the latest years’ of technology to be used for you, not against you. Therefore, we are for a society without surveillance laws such as the FRA law and the Data Retention Directive.

We want to create a society of culture - Culture is essential for us as humans. We want you to be able to share your culture with your friend. We want creators of culture to be able to live off their work. Culture that is shared is culture that finds its audience, is loved and is bought. Therefore, we want to legalise non-commercial file sharing. Therefore we want to abolish the IPRED directive.

We want to create a society of knowledge - They who have access to knowledge has the best tool to improve their life. They who have knowledge can also help improve others life by for example advancing medicine. Therefore we don’t want to make it possible to shut others out from knowledge, for example by using patents. Therefore we want to abolish the current patent system.

We want to create a society of diversity - We want to see the person behind the age, the gender, the origin, the religion, and everything else that’s currently often used to sort people away. We don’t sort anyone away. Sharing is caring. We want to share our society with as many people as possible.