Party Leader Anna Troberg

The Party Leader leads the Leading Group in their daily operations and is the party’s face outward. The Party Leader can decide upon political positions in line with the party’s principles between member meetings. Anna Troberg became Party Leader for the Pirate Party on January 1, 2011, after being deputy Party Leader since 2009.Anna was born in the year of ABBA winning in Brighton, 1974. She lives in Stockholm with her girlfriend and her three cats.Before starting off her political career she had several other character defining jobs. While studying she worked cleaning, sorting mail, designing wedding cakes, securing for Y2K and writing freelance. She has also been an English post-graduate, translator, publishing house executive and writer.

Her humorous novel ”Chefer från helvetet” (”Bosses from Hell”) was published by Wahlström & Widstrand in 2007 under the pseudonym Rosetta Sten. The novel has also been published in Norway and Finland. You can ofcourse download it for free (in Swedish). Sharing is caring.

Anna has eight shelves with different editions of Jeanette Winterson books. She can also brag with a glorious past in sports. For one year she was Borlänge champion in table tennis, football and shot-put. (She was 11 at the time, and emphasis lie on ”past” and not ”glorious”.) Dolly Parton is her homegirl and yes, she has a cardboard Xena in real life size watching over her while she’s working. It’s good for the creativity.


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Phone: +46 704 676273 (call or text if it’s a hurry)

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