Pirate Times: ”PPSE Poster Campaign”


The international news site Pirate Times writes about Piratpartiet’s latest campaign ”För Sverige i framtiden”. ”In 2014 the Swedish Pirate Party will face the election for the European Parliament followed by national and local elections. This is why PPSE has already launched their poster campaign start . The campaign is based on the Swedish King’s saying “for Sweden in time” which was remixed to “for Sweden in future times”. Focusing on this saying aims to highlight possibilities instead of difficulties. PPSE are looking for solutions where… Läs mer

Al Jazeera: ”Will Germany’s Pirates be walking the plank?”


Al Jazeera writes about the German elections in which the German Pirate Party takes part, and interview Anton Nordenfur from the Swedish Piratpartiet about the history of the movement. ”The world’s first Pirate Party, founded in Sweden in 2006, called for liberalising restrictive copyright and patent laws, greater direct democracy, and less government surveillance, says Anton Nordenfur, a board member of the Swedish Pirate Party. Since then, about 50 Pirate parties focusing on these issues have been created around the world, but are most prominent… Läs mer

Voice of Russia: Mass Facebook ‘suicide’: ‘we cannot completely avoid services we don’t trust’ – Euro-MP


Piratpartiet’s Member of the European Parliament Amelia Andersdotter is interviewed in The Voice of Russia: ”What we are seeing is a global breakdown of trust, systems that we were expected to be satisfied using for schools, healthcare, our social life contacts with our families, our friends, all of this, turns out that they are not trustworthy. We do our banking on the internet and the NSA clearly undermines the entire civil and market society that we have tried to build on the internet because it… Läs mer